Pedro Ignatio Lombas

Pedro Ignatio LOMBAS (Francisco Xavier DE LOMBA, Francisco DE LOMBA). He was born Bef. 1820 in St Bernard, Louisiana, USA. Residence 1860 in Southern Division, Mobile, Alabama. His death 1891 in Larose, Lafourche Parish, LA (Not confirmed). Burial on 03 Jun 1891 in Holy Rosary Church, Larose, Lafourche, LA.

Notes for Pedro Ignatio LOMBAS: For anyone who may doubt that Pedro/Pierre/Perique Lombas or Lombard were one and the same person, a comparison of records may be helpful.
  • First, we have the matching “Pedro Lombas” signatures on marriage records to Catherine Baptiste in Alabama and to Marcelline Sevin in Louisiana.
  • Then the baptismal record of Pedro and Marcelline's son Joseph Augustin Lombas, 1842, which lists the parents as Pedro Lombas and Marcelline Sevin;
  • Then we have the marriage certificate of Augustine Lombas 7 Nov 1864, which calls him the son of Peric Lombas and Marceline Chevin.
  • Then there is Pedro Lombas, godfather of Azelie Albarado’s son in 1845.
  • The marriage record of Octavie Lombas, 4 Sept 1865, which calls her the daughter of Pierre Lombas and Azelie Albaras.
  • The marriage record of Joseph Lombas, 17 Jan 1876, which calls him the son of Perick Lombas and Azelie Albara.
Charlene’s note: In the 1866 Alabama census Pedro / Pierre is listed as P. Lombas, but the most compelling evidence for me was a comparison of 2 marriage licenses: Pierre’s marriage to Catherine Baptiste 29 Sep 1854, which he signed “Pedro Lombas” and another one, 10 years earlier in Louisiana to Marie Marcelline Azema Sevin, with the same signature. The signatures are too similar to be coincidence.
From The Lombas (de Lomba) Family of Louisiana
written by William Lombus, March 1994

South Louisiana

By 1839, Pedro and his brother, Francisco Lombas had moved to Lafourche Parish, to live near or perhaps with their Barrios uncles and aunts. The brothers spent extended periods away from the parish through the years, but they often married women from South Louisiana families and left children who settled in the region permanently. Pedro and Francisco were both eventually absorbed into the French culture of the region. Pedro became known as Pierre and eventually as Perique. Francisco appears in some 1850s records as Francisque and was known by 1860 as Francois. Perique and Francois both died in Lafourche Parish and are buried there, one at Larose and the other at Thibodaux.

PEDRO IGNATIO LOMBAS appeared at the Court House in Thibodaux to get a marriage license 8 May 1839. The license states that he was already of age, at least 21, and a resident of Lafourche Parish, although born in St. Bernard Parish, the legitimate son of Francisco Lombas and Maria Manuela Barrios, both deceased. Pedro's uncle Joseph Barrios signed the marriage bond. The intended bride, Marcelline Azema Sevin, age 16, was born in Lafourche Parish and resident there, the daughter of the late Charles Sevin and Henriette Savois, who authorized her daughter's marriage (Thibodaux Court House, Marriage Book 3, #16).

Pedro Lobas, age 20-29, appears in the 1840 census in Lafourche Parish three entries from his mother-in-law the widow Charley Sevant; his wife, age 15-19 and their baby daughter ("son" in the census) are also listed. Church records show three children were, born 1840-1843, and then the Marriage Book of St. Joseph’s church, Thibodaux recorded a Church wedding, 12 July 1844 for Pedro Lombas and Marie Marcelline Azema Sevin (Vol. 3, p. 313). Yet within the next two years, both Pedro and Marcelline had remarried.

In 1845 Marcelline was 21 and Joseph Cherami was 16. Their first child was born that year (age 5 in the 1850 census). Jacques Adam Cherami, son of Joseph Cherami and Marcelline Sevin, was baptized 24 Nov 1846 at St. Joseph's in Thibodaux (Bpt., vol. 5, p. 41). The Cherami household appears in the 1850 census in Lafourche Parish (Joseph 22, Marceline "23," Joseph 5, Josephine 3) right next to Marceline's mother and her daughter Augustine Lambas, next to Marcelline's sister and her son Augustin Lombas (p: 317)

Most of the Cherami children eventually settled along lower Bayou Lafourche at a place that became known as the Cote Cherami and is now called Galliano; most of the Cheramies are buried nearby at Leeville. They left many descendants in the area.

While Marcelline was busy with young Joseph Cherami, it appears that Pedro Lombas was closely concerned with the young widow Azelie Albarado. In 1844 Pedro was at least 26 and Azelie 17. Azelie, not quite 14, had married Victorin Toups, age 21, on 30 Aug 1841 (license, Terrebonne Parish, Houma, cited in Niel Toups, THE TOUPS CLAN) Their son Emmanuel Ignatio Toups was baptized 18 Jan 1845 at St. Joseph's in Thibodaux (vol. 1-A, p. 213); the godfather was Pedro Ignatio Lombas. Emmanuel, later known as Joseph Manuel Toups, had nine children (Neil Toups, THE TOUPS CLAN, pp. 227-232); all settled down the bayou.

Victorin Toups disappears from the records after his son’s baptism. Pedro Lombas was soon his widow's new husband, though the only records that imply this are the marriage records of two of their children born about 1850-1853. Their first child, it seems, was a son Francois born about 1848; then a daughter Octavie was born about 1850 and a son Joseph about 1853.*

Pedro and Azelie and their children have not appeared yet in the 1850 census, anywhere. Pedro was not available in September 1850 to attend the Lombas Family Assembly at the court house in St. Bernard Parish. In 1860, Pedro and Joseph Lombas, and Emmanuel Toups are again missing from the census. Francois Lombas, age 12, lived with the family of Valcour Rodrigue. Octavie Lombas was boarding with the Daspit family at Houma, going to school there.

Azelie Albarado appears in the 1860 census in the household of Pierre Charles Lee. She had married him 21 Apr 1855, a year after the first Mrs. Lee, her oldest sister Rosalie had died giving birth to her seventh child. The marriage was performed by the local justice of the peace at the Lee home (Thibodaux Ct. Hse., Mar. Bk. 9, #122B). By 1860 Azelie was a full-time stepmother to the Lee children, who also settled down Bayou Lafourche at a place, now called Leeville. In that area, in 1881, Azelie held some property as the widow Lee. She had married a fourth time 17 Feb 1879 to the widower Jean Louis Richoux, who was buried at Larose 31 Aug 1898; I do not know when she died. (See Lafourche Par. Marriage index; reciprocal wills 2 July 188? Thibodaux Ct. Hse. Will Bk. A-2, p. 207; burial, MEMOIRES DU BAYOU LAFOURCHE 10 #2, P. 62, 1989.)

Pedro/Perique Lombas married again by 1854, to a woman named Catherine Baptiste. Their son Max, later known as Mack John Lombas, was born abt. 1864- -in Mobile, Alabama. Pedro cannot be found in a South Louisiana census in 1850, 1860, or 1870 so there is plenty of time for him to have met Catherine, taken his dependent children, and relocated at Mobile; or perhaps to have left by himself and met Catherine in Mobile. Almost anything is possible. Catherine died before 1886, when her son married; she probably died before 1876, when Perique had remarried once again.

Perique Lombas was probably about 57 years old when he married a 19-year-old girl from Tennessee named Catherine Jenkins. The couple had a daughter Marguerite born about 1876 somewhere in Louisiana. Perique and family were living in Lafourche Parish at the time of the 1880 census: Perique Lombasse, laborer, age 50; Polly his wife, age 24, born in Tennessee; Polly, age 4, born in Louisiana. Perique, of course, was at least 62 at census time; but with such a young wife, one can understand his reluctance to admit it. (See 1880 Census, Lafourche Par., 10th Ward, vol. 6, ED 135, sheet 32 line 19.) Perique Lombas was buried from Holy Rosary Church at Larose 3 June 1891, about age 73; the burial record states nothing but his name. A year later Catherine Jenkins, widow of Perique "Lombardos," married Milien Gisclar, Sr., 20 June 1892; they moved to Gulfport, Mississippi, where Catherine died in a flu epidemic shortly before 1900 (family memory)

The Lombard descendants know why Pedro Lombas was missing from Louisiana census and events in the 1850's, 1860's, and 1870's... he was in Alabama starting our family line.

Pedro Lombas / Pierre Lombard - in Summary

Individual:   Pierre Lombard
Sex:   Male
Father:   Francisco Xavier de Lomba
Mother:   Maria Manuela Barrios
Individual Facts:
Birth:   1815 in St Bernard, St Bernard, Louisiana, United States
Residence:   1860 in Southern Division, Mobile, Alabama
Residence:   1866 in Mobile, Alabama
Residence:   1880 in 10th Ward, Lafourche, Louisiana, United States
Death:   in Larose, Lafourche, Louisiana, USA
Burial:   03 Jun 1891 in Holy Rosary Church, Larose, Lafourche, LA
Cause Of Death:   Not confirmed
Marriages & Children
Marriage 1:   Marie Marcelline Azema Sevin
Marriage License:   08 May 1839 in Thibodaux, Lafourche, Louisiana, USA
Marriage:   12 Jul 1844 in Thibodaux, Lafourche, Louisiana, USA
Children:   Augustine Flora Lombas
    Joseph Augustin Lombas
    Marie Belisere Lombas
Marriage 2:   Azelie Albarado
Marriage:   Bef. 1850 in Louisiana, United States
Children:   Francois Perique Lombas
    Maria Octavia Lombas
    Joseph Lombas
Marriage 3:   Catherine Baptiste
Marriage License:   29 Sep 1854 in Mobile, Mobile, Alabama, USA
Marriage:   07 Oct 1854 in Mobile, Mobile, Alabama, USA
Children:   Francis Adolphus Lombard
    Joseph Samuel Lombard
    Mary Clementine Lombard
    Josephine Lombard
    Mack Lombas
    Laura Louise Lombard
Marriage 4:   Susanne Easley
Marriage:   06 Mar 1874
Children:   [no children]
Marriage 5:   Catherine Jenkins
Marriage:   Bef. 1876 in Louisiana, United States
Children:   Marguerite Lombas

The third wife of Pedro Lombas/Pierre Lombard was Catherine Baptiste. On her side of the family, we are descended from a long line of explorers and adventurers. In that line, the earliest ancestor in the New World was Urbain Baudreau dit Graveline.